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Property Seller Presentation – Top Tips

First Impressions:
When visiting a restaurant, meeting a new business associate or anything else in life, first impressions are very important. Real estate is no exception though often overlooked.
When selling your own property or working with a professional real estate agent, taking the time to prepare & present your property at its best is very important.

It’s common in Thailand to have footwear taken off outside. Arranging footwear orderly or better yet, in its own compartment/shelving is ideal for creating a good first impression.

Modern homes are designed around a free flowing environment. Most modern furniture is designed with this concept in mind but vintage & antique furniture that you own are often a nice feature to have and can be easily & cheaply varnished if necessary to look their best.
Furniture that is not necessary & items that are not used regularly can be moved into a storage area.

Dog & cat owners often have their pets indoors as they have become part of the owner’s family. This is a difficult situation when selling a property. If possible, try to adjust your pet to living outdoors while you intend to sell your property. If your pet does remain indoors, establishing more boundaries with them & daily home cleaning is recommended to avoid any odours.

Mop & Sweep!:
Most properties in Thailand have tile or stone floors. They feel great on your feet & have the added benefit of being easy to clean. Even for a large home it’s amazing what doing a sweeping of the floor and and mopping can do. 15-30 minutes of this simple cleaning is one of the easiest ways make a great impression for a buyer.

Everything grows quickly in Thailand! Many people manage their own garden but if you do not do your own gardening it is usually easy to find a service in your area for a reasonable price. It’s a good idea to keep the garden maintained every 2-4 weeks. Some people have beautiful homes but forget this important aspect.

Keep your home & walls as clutter free (simple) as possible. The potential buyer may not share your aesthetic taste in art or other embellishments you’ve done to personalize your home.
Your intent is to move and find a new location to live. Packaging your art and nostalgic items when preparing your property for sale can help and also saves you time for your future move and new adventure in life.

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